KTD-3 Rooftop 12V A/C 11000BTU

KTD-3 is our most updated rooftop 12V A/C model. The KTD-3 rooftop A/C unit is the perfect solution for custom vans, RV’s, small equipment cabs, and class 4-8 trucks. They feature a no-idle 12V comfort system that charges while driving. The A/C is powered by an auxiliary battery than can provide energy to either the full-electric A/C unit or the inverter, enabling hours of cooling while the engine is off. They are highly efficient and use minimal power which make them attractive for off-grid climate control builds.

You can save thousands on fuel costs, maintenance expenses, and downtime by reducing your vehicle’s idling. Additionally, it is an environmentally friendly non-polluting unit. Compared to other rooftop air conditioning solutions, the Kingtec A/C is more affordable and more compact which allows you to maximize interior storage space. It also draws less amps than most competitors.