Kingtec Group Co. Ltd.

Kingtec manufactures and distributes temperature control systems for a variety of mobile and stationary applications including those within the cold chain logistics industry. This includes trailers, truck bodies, buses, RV’s, construction vehicles, customer sprinters/vans, and more. Due to the demand for high-quality, food-safe refrigeration transport solutions in the cold chain logistics market, Kingtec continues to grow worldwide.

Regardless of your location, a Kingtec dealer has you covered. Our products offer distinct value by competing and out-performing best-in-class equipment. By utilizing the latest refrigeration transport technology, Kingtec has become a globally recognized brand all while maintaining a competitive price advantage.

Environmentally Friendly

Kingtec offers no-idle electric units that do not need the engine to run in order to cool your products. This provides cost-savings when compared directly to an engine driven systems. You can reduce your fuel costs by over $2,000 per year, and displace ~ 4.2 tons of CO2 equivalent yearly.

Carrying international certifications and ISO 9001 quality assurance, Kingtec products easily compete with similar brands on performance and quality while maintaining the latest technology.