Get a glimpse into Polar Mobility‘s Van and Trailer projects that use Kingtec refrigeration units. Polar Mobility is a company with a well-known reputation in Western Canada for service in the construction and trucking industry with facilities in Calgary, Edmonton, and Red Deer. They pride themselves on offering their customers solutions that make their working environments comfortable, safe and productive, just like Kingtec products.

Polar Mobility, which has been in business since 1981, designs, builds and installs heating, air conditioning and air filtration systems for specialized construction, mining and military heavy-duty mobile equipment. The company also installs truck refrigeration units and cooling and heating systems for sleeper cabs in highway trucks.

One of the Polar Mobility mechanics, Adonis Adonis, has graciously sent us photos of their recent builds with Kingtec products: a 2019 Sprinter Van build, a 12 x 6 Trailer build, and a 2018 Ford Transit build.

*Each build has an R-value of 4 inch insulation on each wall.

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